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Jump for charity

Bungee jumping is one of the most popular and thrilling extreme sports. It appeals to everyone from daredevil youngsters to fundraising grandmothers

Each bungee jump costs £60.  Any additional money that you raise will go directly to a good cause of your choice.

During the past thirteen years our jumpers have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for national and local charities and good causes

Sponsored bungee jumping events are an excellent way of raising money for your charity. We have had many jumpers who have raised over £1000 by making a single jump. The record for the most raised for a single jump was £6100.

When the charity money from all participants is added together this can be a very large donation.  A charity bungee jump can raise thousands of pounds for YOUR charity.  Jumpers who can raise enough money will "jump for free", and finally as an added incentive many charitable folk even choose to wear funny clothes!!!!